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Laminin antibodies



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Targeting BioLamina’s human recombinant laminin isoforms, a panel of 17 monoclonal mouse antibodies have been developed to selectively recognize each specific subunit of the laminins, without any cross-reactivity to other subunits. The Laminin panel is developed by Atlas Antibodies using the same stringent conditions as for all PrecisA Monoclonals, guaranteeing defined specificity, multiplexing opportunities, secured continuity, and a stable supply.

As a tool to identify and study the expression pattern of different laminin subunits present in a specific tissue we recommend using the Laminin Marker Panel of PrecisA Monoclonals from Atlas Antibodies.

Atlas Antibodies is a Swedish biotech company that provides customers around the world with advanced research reagents targeting the entire Human Proteome.

Learn more about the complete Laminin Marker Panel via Atlas Antibodies’ web page.