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Dopamine differentiation

New publication

Parmar and colleagues show in Cell Stem Cell (2016) that laminin-111 (LN111) can be used for the GMP-compatible differentiation of hESCs to dopaminergic cells. The DA progenitor yield increases 43-fold! The protocol has been validated in several independent labs and with many different hPSC lines both, hESC and hiPSCs. In all cases the hPSCs were expanded using LN521, making the starting hPSC population homogenous and stable before initiation of DA differentiation experiments. 

The neural application chapter is updated with more extensive information covering both glia cells, microglia, dopaminergic neurons, hippocampal neurons, spinal cord neurons, and blood brain barrier. Take a look to find out more. 

Make sure to listen to Dr Agnete Kirkeby's brilliant presentation of the production of dopaminergic neurons derived from hESC's.