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Expansion of human PSC

Derivation, reprogramming, expansion and differentiation of human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells in completely chemically defined, feeder-free and xeno-free conditions is robust on Laminin-521 expressed by hES and iPS cells.
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Human recombinant laminin-521
LN521-02 100µg 1 x 1ml €45 €45
LN521-05 500µg 5 ml €200 €200
LN521-03 1mg 10 x 1ml €420 €420
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Not sure how much laminin you need? To make it easy, we have created a tool where you can calculate the amount needed for your experiments. Just choose culture well format and fill in the desired coating concentration to see the amount required.

CONC. (ug/cm2).
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LN-521 precoated plates
PC521-024-01 24 well 1 plate €67 €67
PC521-024-05 24 well 5 plates €298 €298
PC521-024-20 24 well 20 plates €1055 €1055
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