We are driven by a passion to solve scientific challenges and to realize cell therapy

BioLamina is a Swedish biotechnology company with a global presence, built on a scientific foundation, with a legacy in matrix biology and cell culture-based research. Our headquarters is based in Sunbyberg, Stockholm, with production, R&D, logistics, sales, and marketing all under the same roof. The company was established in 2009 and was co-founded by Dr. Karl Tryggvason and his son Dr. Kristian Tryggvason. 

The highly educated, international team at BioLamina is characterized by scientific curiosity and the desire to contribute to the stem cell community. Personal responsibility and accountability are foundations of our company, as is a high level of collaboration, both within the company and with our partners.

Though our team is highly diversified and international, we uphold the Swedish standards of equity and partnership in the way we develop both products and collaborations. We like to do things together, as equals. This means that creativity and innovation always trump hierarchy and norm and that we celebrate joint effort over the internal competition.


We are revolutionizing cell culture

We offer an extensive portfolio of chemically defined and animal origin-free cell culture reagents for a variety of applications, including a reliable expansion of pluripotent cells and differentiation and maintenance of specialized cell types, such as hepatocytes, skeletal muscle cells, and various neural cells. We are known and recognized for our premium products, competence, dedication, and service and position ourselves as being at the forefront of cell culture. Our high technology products contribute to our customer’s efficiency and scientific breakthroughs and enable them to start a new era in medical research. BioLamina’s Biolaminins™ is the only original full length, human, recombinant laminin cell culture substrates on the market and the impact of our Biolaminin matrices on cell culture quality has been scientifically validated in many high-impact journals. 


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BioLamina AB and partners granted €6,1M in funding to develop organ-on-chip system for animal-free modelling of humandiseases

BioLamina, together with six other esteemed European partners within industry and academia, will develop a user friendly, next-generation gut-brain axis organ-on-chip (OoC) to study virus disease transmission and treatment.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, June 9, 2021


BioLamina and Cellaria will collaborate to make accurate cell models for drug screening

One of the biggest challenges in drug development is the low success rate in development of drug candidates. This can be improved by development of tissue specific cellular models, with improved biological relevance in early drug development. A tissue is composed of both cells and extracellular proteins like the laminins and the intention of this partnership is to use the extracellular proteins and BioSilk from BioLamina to mimic the cell microenvironment and Cellarias iPSC reprogramming and disease model cells to make biologically relevant and accurate cell models for drug screening. These models could significantly decrease the cost of drug development.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, February 11, 2021


BioLamina strengthens management with a new sales manager 

BioLamina is in an expansive phase with significant business opportunities globally. During the past decade, our flagship products, human recombinant laminin proteins (Biolaminins) have become renowned cell culture substrates in both basic research as well as for companies within regenerative medicine. To meet the growing demand and to further expand the business globally, BioLamina has recruited Dusan Raicevic as a new sales manager. He comes most recently from a position as Sales and Business Development Director Nordics and Northern Germany for Metabolon. Dusan’s previous experiences also include working with Fermentas (now Thermo), Boule Medical, and Corning Life Sciences.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, April 23, 2020

BioLamina in the final of the Serendipity Challenge 2019

BioLamina has been selected as one of the Nordic's 50 most innovative growth companies and has moved on to the finals of the Techarenan Serendipity Challenge on July 1-3 during Almedalsveckan in Visby. BioLamina is competing to become the 2019 winner in the category Start-up company of the year/ Growth company of the year.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, June 30, 2019

Biolamina and Spiber Technologies sign an exclusive sales and marketing deal for unique Biosilk products

3D culture technologies is a huge trend within the life tech industry, to make more complex tissue-models. Through years of collaboration and a licensing agreement with the Stockholm based company Sbiber technologies, BioLamina now offers a biorelevant way to culture primary cells like stem cells in 3D. The Biosilk products will be launched at the International Society of Stem Cell Research annual conference in Los Angeles at the end of June. The products will then be available for our global customers.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, June 18, 2019

Utmanar CAR T

Svenska Biolamina ska utveckla metoder för tillverkning av NK-celler. "Orsakar inte någon immunreaktion".

Life Science Sweden, November 7, 2018

BioLamina and partners aim to develop new methods to differentiate unlimited amounts of NK-cells to fight cancer

Together with Rheincell Therapeutics and the University Clinic in Düsseldorf (Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf), over the next two years, BioLamina will develop methods to differentiate NK cells supported by a grant of 12 MSEK from Swedish Vinnova and German ZIM. BioLamina’s expertise with laminin technologies will be used to differentiate stem cells into NK-cells, which are then further manipulated to form CAR-NKs. The CAR-NKs are predicted to be safer to patients, and potentially even more efficient in treating some forms of cancer than the current “star” of the proverbial cell therapy sky, the CAR-T cell. CAR-T cells have significantly increased the prognosis for cancer patients, with two approved therapies in Europe alone. With success, the stem cell-derived CAR-NKs borne of this collaborative effort could prove to be another game-changer in the field of cancer therapeutics.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, November 7, 2018

BIOLAMINA announces an OEM partnership with CELLINK for the development of biologically relevant bioink products for bioprinting

During recent years, 3D-Bioprinting has emerged as a powerful cell culture technology but has also been hampered by the lack of a biologically relevant Bioink. Today, CELLINK launches a brand new Bioink containing BIOLAMININS, that will enable scientists to combine the unique properties of the laminin protein with culturing cells in a 3D-environment. This approach will advance the 3D-Bioprinting technology since the biological effect of the laminin protein will improve the structure and biochemical features, creating a microenvironment more authentic to the in vivo setting.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, August 21, 2018

BioLamina takes the next step in their expansion plan and scales up the production at  Testa Centre 

To meet the fast-growing demand from customers both in terms of volume and high-quality products, BioLamina will, together with GE, expand production capacity in the newly built Testa Centre in Uppsala. The newly built innovation center, supported by GE Healthcare and the Swedish Government, offers high-quality bioprocess expertise and will serve as a hub for innovation in biomanufacturing.  

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, August 21, 2018

BioLamina and Novo Nordisk partner to advance stem cell-based therapies for three common medical conditions

BioLamina and collaborators have partnered with Novo Nordisk A/S (Novo Nordisk), a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company, allowing Novo Nordisk to develop novel stem cell-based therapies based on Biolaminins, human recombinant laminin cell culture matrices, developed and produced by BioLamina. The three cell therapy projects they have licensed are all based on BioLamina technology. These projects aim to treat Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, and loss of vision, all severe chronic conditions.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, May 16, 2018

BioLamina launches a cell therapy grade stem cell culture matrix, Biolaminin 521 CTG, bridging discovery and clinical cell therapy

BioLamina is currently undergoing an exciting phase entering the growing cell and gene therapy reagents industry. To meet the growing demand for documentation and traceability required for the manufacture of cells for therapy, BioLamina has launched a cell therapy grade (CTG) laminin substrate for clinical use, Biolaminin 521 CTG.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2, 2018

Ny topp till Biolamina

Efterfrågan på laminin har ökat senaste året och för att säkerställa fortsatt tillväx inom så väl produktion som logistik har bolaget nu tillsatt Anders Lindblad som ny operativ chef.

Life Science Sweden, April, 2018

BioLamina stärker ledningen för ny fas – tillsätter ny operativ chef

BioLamina är i en expansiv fas med betydande affärsmöjligheter globalt. Under det senaste decenniet har laminin kommit att bli ett efterfrågat cellodlingssubstrat både inom grundforskning såväl som för forskare och företag med terapeutisk inriktning. För att kunna säkerställa fortsatt tillväxt inom produktion, logistik och ekonomi har BioLamina rekryterat en ny operativ chef, Anders Lindblad. Anders har en gedigen bakgrund inom operativ ledning, kvalitetssäkring och regulatoriska frågor inom Life Science. Han kommer närmast från roller som COO/Administratör på Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden, samt egen konsult för kvalitet och projektledning inom cellterapi och närliggande områden.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, April 16, 2018

BioLamina stärker ledningen med en ny chef för marknadsföring och försäljning

BioLamina’s produkter används idag i många cellterapi-relaterade projekt och efterfrågan och försäljningen ökar kraftigt år efter år. För att möta den ökade efterfrågan har BioLamina rekryterat en ny sälj- och marknadschef, Jenny Stjernberg. Jenny kommer närmast från Miteney Biotec där hon var sälj- och marknadschef för den Nordiska och Baltiska avdelningen och har en gedigen erfarenhet av försäljning och marknadsföring av cellodlingsprodukter.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, November 29, 2017

BioLamina utlicensierar ett patent mot en miljard kronor i möjliga milestones och royalties

Forskare på Lunds universitet har, med hjälp av BioLaminas produkter, lyckats utveckla ett effektivt sätt att tillverka dopaminceller från stamceller, ett viktigt genombrott i resan mot en cellterapibehandling för personer med Parkinsons sjukdom. BioLamina har nu framgångsrikt hittat en licenstagare till detta projekt bland ett av de stora globala läkemedelsbolagen. 

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, September 14, 2017

Corning introduces laminin-521 cultureware products 

Corning has developed Corning® PureCoat™ rLaminin-521 cultureware products for stem cell research, by combining BioLamina’s expertise in rLaminin-521 expression with Corning’s proprietary surface coating technology.

CORNING, N.Y., Corning Incorporated, April 20, 2016

BioLamina utökar globalt - tecknar flera distributionsavtal

ThermoFisher, Corning, Stem Cell Technologies och ESI-Bio, kommer nu att sälja LN521 som en del av sin cell kultiverings portfölj via sina försäljningskanaler.

BioLamina, Stockholm, February 2, 2016

BioLamina engages Dr. Stephen Minger as Scientific Advisor

BioLamina’s long-term goal is to provide a portfolio of high quality, easy to use, products and services for primary cell culture within research, drug discovery models and cell therapy. To reach this goal, BioLamina needs to focus on the right products and deliver them with the right quality. Dr. Minger’s role will be to help direct and prioritize this work, to ensure the release of quality products in a timely fashion. He will work closely with our scientists and executive management.

BioLamina, Stockholm, Sweden, September 28, 2015


BioLamina is a company in constant development and progress, and we truly believe our strength comes from our employees. It is therefore very important for us to find people who share our vision and values, and want to be part of creating the next generation of regenerative therapies.
If you are interested in knowing more about us and what being part of the BioLamina team would mean, don’t hesitate to contact us at career@biolamina.com


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BioLamina is a research-based company and we know and value the knowledge that resides in the young and vital university community. Therefore, we are always open to having a dialogue with students who want and need to get “real-life” practice.