Human recombinant laminin-211

Recreating the natural cell niche is key to succesfull cultivation. The physical, topological, and biochemical expression of the different laminin isoforms in the BM is heterogeneous and tissue specific. 

Human recombinant LN211 supports the growth, survival and differentiation of a wide range of tissue-specific cell types, including motor neurons, cardiac cells and skeletal muscle cells.



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CONC. (ug/cm2).

Laminin-211 is crucial for muscle development and function and is one of the main isoforms present in adult muscle tissue, including varying amounts of laminin-221, laminin-521 and laminin-421 depending on tissue.

Mutations of the LAMA2 gene are the most common cause of congenital muscular dystrophy that frequently leads to death in early childhood (Domogatskaya, 2012). For a review on laminin-211 in skeletal muscle function, see Holmberg and Durbeej, 2012.

Laminin-211 as well as laminin-221, are very important for cardiomyocytes and heart muscle development. In the developing heart both laminin-211 and laminin-221 are expressed in the extracellular matrix of cardiomyocytes as well as in the basement membrane zones of the endo- and pericardium and the capillaries (Roediger, 2010).

Laminin-211 is a major laminin isoform synthezied by Schwann cells in the developing peripheral nervous system, important for axonal elongation/neurite extension and myelinization (Patton, 2000; Patton, 2001; Wallquist, 2005).

Laminins containing the α2-chain (such as laminin-211) are expressed in the ventricular zone ECM in the developing mouse central nervous system. Since laminins are known to contribute to the stem cell niche in the brain, this suggests that laminin-211 could play an important functional role in the regulation of neural stem cells and progenitor cells (Haubst, 2006; Kazanis, 2010; Lathia, 2007; Mercier, 2002).

Authentic cardiomyocyte cell culture

Muscle cells

Cardiomyocytes, smooth and
skeletal muscle cell culture 


Authentic neuron cell culture laminin

Nervous system

CNS and PNS cell culture


1. Slowly thaw recombinant laminins at +4°C before use. Thawed laminin stock is stable for at least 3 months when stored at +2°C to +8°C under aseptic conditions. For your convenience, the coated plates and diluted coating solution can be kept for up to 4 weeks when stored aseptically at +2°C to +8°C.

2. Dilute the thawed laminin stock solution with 1xDPBS containingCa2+ and Mg2+.

3. Add the diluted laminin solution to tissue culture-treated cultureware for a final coating concentration of 0.5-2 ug/cm2. The optimal coating concentration is cell-dependent. See laminin coating instructions, recommended coating volumes and concentrations.

4. Seal the plate (e.g. with Parafilm®) to prevent evaporation and incubate at +2°C to +8°C overnight. If a more rapid coating is required, incubate at +37°C for 2 hours. Make sure the laminin solution is spreaded evenly across the surface. Note that the laminin matrix will be inactivated if let dry.


  • The Laminin stock solution is stable for 2 years when stored at -20°C. If desired, the laminin stock can be dispensed into working aliquots and stored at -20°C. Repeated freeze thawing should be avoided. 

  • The protocol can easily be made totally defined and xeno-free with your choice of culture medium and enzyme.

  • Before start, all solutions used for cell passaging should be aliquoted in sufficient amounts and pre-warmed at +37°C, 5% CO2.

  • Coat the wells in advance with the laminin solution according to the instruction here

Product name



Product use

Cell culture


Product application

Skeletal and smooth muscle cells, cardiomyocytes, glia cells and neural progenitor cells








Three years from date of receipt


Stock concentration



Use concentration

0.5-2 ug/cm2
Optimal concentration must be determined by the end user

Protein name

Laminin-211 (LN-211)





Expressed in vivo

Expressed and secreted by Schwann cells, skeletal muscle cells and cardiomyocytes.